Last weekend my company, Honest Nutrition, was an exhibitor at our county’s ‘green expo’.  A variety of exhibitors explained the latest environmentally friendly products and services to attendees such as alternative energy, green building and remodeling, water ecology, natural gardening and health and wellness; to name a few.

One booth seemed a bit out of place, a bank vice president giving advice about responsible investments. Kind of strange; a bank and responsible investments?

I learned that ‘Bee Keeping’ is a thriving hobby, can be a good business, and the benefits to the world are plentiful.  The beekeeper told me bees pollinate all sorts of plants, the ones we eat along with the ones wild animals eat.  And of course bees make honey and everyone likes honey.

I learned from the ‘windmill and solar’ folks that I can save money on electricity by installing either a windmill or a few solar panels.  While upfront costs are still a bit high, the man told me there’s federal and state grants or incentives to supplement the cost.

One exhibitor showed me the art she made from junk mail and one guy made art from recycled bike tires and another made drinking glasses from recycled pop bottles; pretty cool.  I now know what I’m getting my sisters for Christmas.

One woman made fashionable purses from old belts and sweaters.  She said it was simply recycling items at the end of their life-cycle.  Another woman turned old blankets into bedroom curtains and still another woman turned old curtains into dresses, or maybe it was vice versa, but for me,  the real beauty was in the creative ways these women made one-of-a-kind items.

I also found out we should use cold water to wash our clothing and we should line-dry our clothes year round. This was needed information because last month my clothes dryer broke.  As soon as I found my wife I told her about the line-dry idea.  ”We can save money darling. We don’t need a new clothes dryer.” That didn’t go over very well.  I can tell you right now there will not be a clothes line in our back yard.  A new dryer in the laundry room; yes.  Clothes line in the back yard; no.

I learned a lot from the exhibitors I spoke with and I came away smarter.  Did you know that an average adult generates about five pounds of garbage each day? I recommend everyone attended a ‘green expo’.

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