For the past few weeks I have been spending a few hours each day giving samples of Activz VMA Whole Food Multi Vitamins to shoppers at various grocery stores.

Day after day shoppers surprise me with how much they don’t know about vitamins.  Take Margaret C. as an example.  Margaret is a 56 year old woman who has raised 4 children.  ”I don’t know what is in the vitamin I take or if they will keep me healthy.”

Margaret and I talked.  I explained to Margaret that her synthetic vitamins are man-made in a laboratory. In the world of chemistry they may be identical to whole food vitamins, but there is a big difference between these “man-made” vitamins and natural vitamins once they enter her  body.  They act different from whole food natural vitamins.

Let’s take Vitamin C, the most highly processed vitamin there is.  The ‘man-made’ form is ‘Ascorbic acid’. Ascorbic acid is not really vitamin C, it is the outer ring that is the protective shell for the complex known as Vitamin C.  In natural vitamin C inside this outer ring you find Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, and Ascorbinogern Ascorbic acid.  These compounds are missing from ‘man-made’ vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

To better understand this think of an egg.  When you consume acsorbic acid you are eating the shell, nothing else.   When you consume natural vitamin C, as found in our VMA Multi Vitamins, you are consuming the whole egg.

Here’s what happens when you consume ‘man-made’ vitamin C.  Your body must gather the missing components from your tissues in order to make the vitamin a complete complex.  It’s like eating an egg shell and having your body supply the yolk and egg whites.  It is not good.  If your body does not have the needed components. it eliminates the Ascorbic acid in your urine.

Whole food natural vitamins work together to supply your body with the full potential of their purpose. ‘Man-made’ vitamins do not.  It is that simple.

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