While talking about my Activz VMA Multi Vitamins in a heath food store last week I had a wonderful conversation with an elder lady.  She sampled Activz VMA, my whole food multi vitamin, smiled and said to me.  ” Good health is not something you buy from a store.  Good health comes from  the choices you make.”

“Please continue,” I said.

“You have to pay attention to the foods you eat, you have to exercise and you have to work in your yard as much as you can.  Flowers make you happy.”  she smiles and continues. “I quit smoking years ago, used to smoke Chesterfield longs. Back then people didn’t know smoking was bad for you.  I quit smoking because my friend always complained about the smell in the damn car.  I wanted her for a friend, so I quit.”

She walks around the small store for a short time and comes back to my table.  ”Overweight, that’s the problem most people have,  too much fried food, too much beer.  I like beer, drink a glass every night.  I don’t drink that light stuff, tastes like water.”

Another lady enters the store and speaks. “Mom, are you ready to go?”

The older lady looks at her daughter and continues talking to me. “Shes the one that needs vitamins.”

“Mom, I am not buying vitamins.”

“I have her and two other daughters. I am 93. After all these years my damn kids still don’t listen to me. I will probably out live all of them.”

She turn and walks out.

What wonderful advice this woman gave us.

Good health comes from  the choices you make.