As I have wrote before, I sample VMA at retail outlets for my company, Honest Nutrition out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Activz VMA is a complete mutli vitamins.  VMA stands for vitamins, minerals antioxidants  VMA is the ultimate whole food multivitamin with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants from nature.

VMA vitamins are from organic fruits and vegetables.

VMA gives you the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure all whole food nutrients work well within your system.

Using a potent blend of fruit, vegetables and herbal powders for enhanced antioxidant strength VMA covers all of the vitamin, mineral and antioxidant needs your body requires.  From whole-food derived vitamins and antioxidants, to patented amino acid chelated minerals, only the finest and highest grade ingredients have been used. A proprietary blend of plant enzymes has been added to the formula thus enabling your body to better absorb the vital life-giving vitamin and mineral nutrients in this formula.

A pre-measured VMA daily powder packet mixed with 4 ounces of water gives you a powerful whole food supplement that provides your body with 12 whole food vitamins in the proper amounts and 9 essential minerals, including calcium.  These minerals play a vital role in almost every reaction that takes place in the cells of your body.  VMA also provides you with plant enzymes to ensure optimum digestion of the vitamins and minerals plus VMA contains powerful whole food antioxidants to aid in preventing disease.  VMA is the complete package.

VMA feeds Good Health.

I have some great video the further explain this amazing multi vitamin at