Last Saturday we had the opportunity to enhance our Activz brand and increase our product visibility by promoting our Activz Whole 9 Meal Replacement and our Activz VMA Multi Vitamins at the National Gluten Free Expo in Salt Lake City.

This expo put retailers, manufacturers, brand owners and marketers of Gluten Free products under one roof where attendees could touch, taste, and buy the latest in Gluten Free products from a variety of vendors. The diversity of the attendees made this expo an important forum for exhibitors with a wide range of products. The event was well planned and from what I observed the execution was flawless.

There were lots of cool products ranging from Snappy Daddy’s BBQ Sauce to Squatter’s Gluten Free Beer. I must have eaten thirty different types of bread and cookies and brownies and snack bars.

I don’t know the number of people that passed through the front door, but our booth was busy from the opening to the closing.  We had well over 1200 people sample our products; that’s close to 3 samples every minute.  The three people working our booth, me included, were busy and happy all day.  I didn’t talk to one exhibitor or attendee that did not have a great time.

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